Why has 89 replaced 63 as LFC’s New Magic Number?

Neil Poole explains the significance of the number 63 in Liverpool’s recent history and why 89 is now the new number on the block.

The complete irrelevance of the number 63 in the world is quite startling. At best, it’s the year that Joseph of Arimathea went to Glastonbury on the first Christian mission to Britain. Back then you could still pay somebody £10 to climb a ladder over the fence. There was no sitting on ‘GetRinsedTicketing.Com’ for two days for young Joseph.

89 is the new 63

At its worst, it’s Hostel 63, ‘London’s Number One Budget Hotel’. Looks a bit snide.

There’s honestly very little in between.

Nonetheless, since the 3rd June 2010 when Rafa Benitez left Liverpool by ‘mutual consent’ (fired by Hicks, Gillett and Purslow), the number 63 has occupied and busied my tiny mind. Of course you will know that 63 was the total number of points the Liverpool hierarchy deemed insufficient in the 2009/2010 Premier League season.

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